Full Booklist

Silhouette Special Edition – written as Trisha Alexander

Cinderella Girl #640
When Somebody Loves You #748 (Cantrelle Family series)
When Somebody Needs You #784 (Cantrelle Family series)
Mother of the Groom #801
When Somebody Wants You #822 (Cantrelle Family series)
Here Comes the Groom #845 (sequel to Mother of the Groom)
Say You Love Me #875
What Will the Children Think? #906
Let’s Make it Legal #924
The Real Elizabeth Hollister #940
The Girl Next Door #965
This Child is Mine #989
A Bride for Luke #1024 (Three Brides & A Baby series)
A Bride for John #1047 (Three Brides & A Baby series)
A Baby for Rebecca #1070 (Three Brides & A Baby series)
Stop the Wedding! #1097
Substitute Bride #1115
With This Wedding Ring #1169
A Mother for Jeffrey #1211
Wedding Bells & Mistletoe #1289 (Callahans and Kin series)
Falling for an Older Man #1308 (Callahans and Kin series)

Silhouette Special Edition – written as Patricia Kay

The Millionaire and the Mom #1387 (The Stockwells of Texas mini-series)
Just a Small-Town Girl #1437 (Callahans and Kin series)
Annie and the Confirmed Bachelor #1518 (Callahans and Kin series)
Secrets of a Small Town #1571
Man of the Hour #1629 (sequel to Secrets of a Small Town)
Nanny in Hiding #1642 (The Hathaways of Morgan Creek series)
His Best Friend #1660 (The Hathaways of Morgan Creek series)
You’ve Got Game #1673 (The Hathaways of Morgan Creek series)
A Perfect Life #1730 (Callie’s Corner Café series)
It Runs in the Family #1738 (Callie’s Corner Café series)
She’s the One #1744 (Callie’s Corner Café series)
The Billionaire and His Boss #1875 (Hunt for Cinderella Series)
His Brother’s Bride-to-Be #1984
Wrong Groom, Right Bride #2049
Meet Mr. Prince #2099 (Hunt for Cinderella Series)

Harlequin Special Edition – written as Patricia Kay

Holiday by Design #2296 (Hunt for Cinderella Series)
Oh, Baby! #2400 (The Crandall Lake Chronicles Series)

Harlequin NeXT – written as Patricia Kay

Come October
Which End is Up?
Wish Come True

Silhouette Desire – written as Patricia Kay

The One-Week Wife #1737 (Secret Lives of Society Wives mini-series)

Meteor Kismet – written as Ann Patrick

Opening Act
Hearts Collide
For Services Rendered
Betting on Love

Kensington Precious Gems – written as Patricia Kay

Comfort & Joy

Kensington Zebra – written as Trisha Alexander

The Constant Heart

Berkley – written as Patricia Kay

The Wrong Child
The Other Woman
Family Album

Books independently reissued for the digital market

With This Ring (formerly titled The Constant Heart)
For Services Rendered
Undecover Lover
Let’s Make It Legal
Here Comes the Groom
Mother of the Groom
Loving Laura (formerly titled When Somebody Loves You)
Needing Nicole (formerly titled When Somebody Needs You)
Embracing Elise (formerly titled When Somebody Wants You)
Home for Christmas (formerly titled Comfort & Joy)
The Other Woman
Who is She? (formerly titled The Real Elizabeth Hollister)
A Child is Born (formerly titled This Child is Mine)
Be Mine, Miss Valentine (formerly titled Opening Act)
A Mom for Christmas (formerly titled Say You Love Me)
The Wrong Child
A Cinderella Story
Family Album
Stop the Wedding
Wish Come True
Come October
Which End is Up
Where the Heart Is
It Runs in the Family
The Bad Boy
Just a Small Town Girl
The Millionaire Brother